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Steampunk laser cut flexible wooden phone case

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First really succesful item cut on the chinese laser cutter. I wanted to make a really cool case for my widows phone using the k40 laser that at last I have setup correctly, but thats another story!

Step one measure the phone accurately twice, including where all the camera and other  holes are located.

Now we drew it up in coreldraw allowing for the thickness of the material we are using which in this case is 3mm ply. Make sure you print on paper and check all positions and that it opens the way round you expect, i didn't so had to adjust on the fly some of the hole positions. The hinges were copied and adjusted from the snijlab ones on thingiverse.

Next we saved as a dxf and transfered to the wonderful moshidraw software. Loaded the ply, checked the laser was running and pumping correctly, turned on the air assist and hit cut, on ours thats at 10mm/s.

It took quite a while to cut due to all the slots in the hinges.

Once cut we lightly sanded the edges, stained with something dark and lacquered to give a nice finish, not to heavy so as not to affect the hinges.

To assemble we glued in the spacers and 4 3mm rare earth magnets, slid in the phone and were ready to go.

A nice bonus feature we didn't expect it that squeezing the hinge in you hand opens the phone case.

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